Primavera Sound

Primavera Sound festival

3D visualization, Concept design.

It all started with a bunch of guys with a crazy idea and a big client (a famous beer company) in 2013. The idea was to create a welcome entrance arch were the sponsor name can be blaced in some visible way, after some brainstorming the idea was clear: We're going to build a sound wave! That's what  the festival is all about no? Sound!

Some beers after and lots of ideas and sketches came to a challenge: to build the logo of the festival, like a fair with lots of lights and of course, moving, simulating a sinus wave to be concrete and on top..the sponsor logo.

The idea is held to me and my work is to visualize that madness in a way that can be sold to the client. A classic was born! The client bought the project, the arch was build and it became an instant classic and an social media succes. Whats better to say you're in the festival without saying it? #primaversaound

Evacuation plan

Les fun but very important I was in charge of modeling and rendering of the evacation plan for the screens of the main stages played during the festival. Safety first!