NBQ - Prospraypaint

NBQ -spraycan design

3D, product design, render, branding.

Brand design and all range spraycan design & graphics for Barcelona's finest graffiti paint makers NBQ. I was in charge of the graphics design and 3D renders of all the range of products, including FAST, SLOW, ETERNAL and PROPULSE. I also made some short animations for social media, catalogs, color chart and graphics for the brand in general during 8 years.

From writers to writers

NBQ Prospraypaint was born out of a passion for creativity. In order to bring your ideas to life we offer a high quality product at a reasonable price, so that everyone in this world can be creative. With a professional team that understands the sensitivity of the market and its needs we work with passion towards a new future where the artist is the priority. WWW.NBQPRO.COM